The impacts of Institutionalization

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The paper should minimally discuss the effects of institutionalization on inmates, the impact on families and communities, and the difficulties faced upon reentry into general society. Emphasis should be placed on various evidence-based programs that have demonstrated positive results, either by lowering recidivistic behavior, and/or providing greater efficiencies within the correctional system. Funding of such programs, as well as gender-specific issues, and the political dynamics of program implementation should be addressed as part of the discussion.

emphasis on evidenced-based theories and/or principles.

The paper’s length should be a minimum of 8 full, double-spaced pages of meaningful discussion (title page and reference page do not count as part of those pages). You are expected to write professionally with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, developing your topic and providing solid examples from our readings, your own research, or your own experiences to back up your statements. The paper must include six references (outside of the course text), with at least two references from a peer-reviewed/scholarly academic journal (peer-reviewed references should be highlighted in bold type in the reference list). You should avoid writing in first person when possible. All papers must be in .doc, pdf, or .rtf format. You must adhere to APA style (although you do not need to provide an abstract). Your work should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins all around