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Here some videos First question “this atoms for Peace and development” “what dose the world bank actually do?”“ sustainable city”

POL 100 I Exam #1 Total 125 points

Due Date: September 28, 2019

Current Events (15 points total)

1. For the last three months protests have been going on each weekend in Hong Kong. According to the video shown in class “Hong Kong protests: what’s at stake for China” from The Economist answer the following questions. (2 points each—10 points total)

a) What is the agreement now between China and Hong Kong?

b) Who controlled Hong Kong before 1997 and why was the area returned to China?

c) What is the importance of the year 2047 for Hong Kong?

d) What is reason the protests began?

e) Why is China reluctant to end the protest militarily?

2. On September 17 Israel will hold their second election this year. Why is Israel holding another election at this time? What are the results of this election? (5 points)

From the Videos (5 points each—10 points total)

1) According to the YouTube video “”This is Atoms for Peace and Developmentwhat are the goals and responsibilities of the IAEA? (5 points)

2) According to the video “What does the World Bank Actually Do” when did the World Bank begin, what are its two main goals, and what are their primary concerns? What is their position on the issue of “enforced resettlement?” What are the similarities and differences between the World Bank and the IMF? (5 points)

From Social Impact Module (5 points each—15 points total)

1. From the YouTube video what are the 5 principles of social impact described in the Ted Talk? Brainstorm an idea using these principles and propose an organization and write a mission statement for your proposal. (5 points)

2. From the video YouTube video what are the pillars of sustainability? Discuss the goals of sustainability outlined in the video. What are the responsibilities of consumers for sustainability? (5 points)

3. After watching the YouTube video “Sustainable City” what are their main goals? What innovations used there can be adopted in other urban areas? (5 points)

From the Geopolitical Affairs PowerPoint (5 points each—10 points total)

1) What are the “Four Pillars of Power?” (5 points)

2) What is “soft power?” In what ways can this policy be carried out? (5 points)

From POL 100 Notes (5 points each—20 total)

1. Why was the United Nations formed? Why was the organization formed? (5 points)

2. Answer the following questions about the United Nations: (5 points total)

a) What is the mission of the Security Council? Who are the permanent members of the Security Council?

b) Where the International Court of Justice located and what is are its primary responsibilities?

c) List and explain the functions of three UN specialized agencies.

3. What is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights? Describe the documents origin and comment on three of the rights guaranteed by the document. (5 points)

4. List the five countries with the largest economies in 2018-2019. What is the G7? What do they represent? What country in the G8 was suspended in 2014? (5 points)

From Supranationalism and Devolution (15 points total)

5. Define supranationalism and devolution. (5 points)

6. After watching YouTube videos on the European Union and the African Union, why are they an example of supranationalism? (5 points)

7. From the notes, use Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia as examples of devolution. What new countries emerged after they broke apart? (5 points)

From Terrorism by Walter Laquerer

8. Answer the following questions from the article “Terrorism: A Brief History” by Walter Laqueur. (2 points—10 points total)

a) What is the State Department definition of terrorism?

b) What was the most deadly terrorist attack is the United States prior to September 11, 2001 and who was responsible for that attack?

c) Who were the “assassins” and what methods did they use?

d) What was the “hide tide of terrorism” and what events are linked to terrorist organizations?

e) What is the difference between ”traditional terrorism “ and “indiscriminate terrorism” and what are the targets for each?

9. For 5 points each, after viewing the YouTube videos about each group, write a paragraph about each of the following state department listed Foreign Terrorist Organizations: (5 points each—15 points total)

a) ETA (Basque Freedom and Liberty)

b) IRA (Irish Republican Army)

c) LTTE (Tamil Tigers)

From POL 100 Notes Part II (5 points each—15 points total)

1) What are the policy differences between the “environmentalists” and the “environmental skeptics?” From recent news accounts describe two places where the impact of climate change is effecting geopolitics (5 points)

2) What is the current population of the world? What are the estimates for world population in 2025? What are the five largest countries by population? (5 points)

3) According to Jeffrey Sachs in The End of Poverty how can poverty be eliminated in the next twenty years? What is the definition of extreme poverty according to the World Bank? How many people is it estimated are considered to be living in extreme poverty? (5 points)