Please read the 3 documents and answer the listed questions at the end the numbers you need to do are listed below (4 total)

Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Bayles questions 1 & 4

Kupperman question 1

Meisel & Kuczewski: question 3

each response should be about 1-2 paragraphs

Writing-Format Check List

You should work carefully through the following check list prior to submitting your written responses:

  • My essay is double spaced.
  • My margins are set at 1 inch all the way around
  • My essay is written in Times New Roman font
  • My essay is written in 12 font
  • My essay has page numbers on each page
  • My essays contain paragraphs approximately not more than 4 to 5 sentences
  • My essay contains my name on the right corner of the first page
  • My essay has no cover page or folder
  • My essay’s pages are stapled together
  • My essay does not use the words “feel” or “believe”
  • My essay indents each of its paragraphs
  • My essay does not contain any direct quotations from class lectures
  • My essay contains at least 2 direct quotations from the reading; my quotations follow the directions given in class; my quotations are not longer than 2 sentences
  • My essay avoids obvious, basic grammatical errors.