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Due Date: 11/1/2019- at least 5 references/3 must be journal/ this does go through “TURN IT IN”

Assignment #4: Based on the film, When I Came Home, and information given during classes.

This video can be checked out of the library to watch individually and/or in groups. Please note there are only 3 copies available, so you are only allowed to check it out for 24 hours so that everyone has a change to review.

You must write a minimum of four full pages in your film reaction paper. You must have a cover page and a reference section.

Provide a brief synopsis of the film and describe the issues surrounding Veterans homelessness as described in the film.

What is the message portrayed by the film? Do you agree or disagree with it? Explain and use examples.

What VA programs, to end Veteran homelessness, could Herold have used? Were there any barriers faced by Herold in using those programs? Have there been any changes put in place since the movie first aired? If so, have they been successful or not. Why?

Defend your position based on the readings, the film and classroom discussions.

(Learning objectives A, B, C, D)