Humanities paper

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This paper is for introduction of humanities. In order to write this paper you need to watch the movie Lying Lips and choose a part or section of the movie that you find interesting in terms of the Harlem Renaissance period of time. there are two parts the first one is to summarize the section that you choose. The second one is to explain how this part or section reflects the Harlem Renaissance. You need to choose a part that reflects this time period.

The assignment description:

This paper is an exploration of the Harlem Renaissance It is not to exceed 3 pages. It must be a minimum of 1 1/2 pages. I this paper, you will either watch Lyin Lips or read the Mule Bone. Choose a section to summarize and then explain how the section that you chose reflects the time period, the culture etc. You have a week to complete this paper. REMEMBER – a summary is simply about the source. There is no room for opinion or analysis on a summary. Your summary should be NO MORE than a page – no less than 1/2 a page. The rest is analysis. Have fun, be creative. Use the play vocabulary to help you. For example, “During the rising action this part most reflects the ideals of the Harlem Renaissance because…”