essay about The Role Of Women

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Many of the early examples of literature that we’ve studied so far give us male protagonists. While we are given complex and complicated characters in leading roles, the minor characters help shape the character arcs and plot development in significant ways. Additionally, in other genres, namely lyric poetry, we are given some insight into those other than the traditional “epic hero.”

Using the readings from the syllabus, as well as secondary sources, write an essay which analyzes the role of females characters and/ or female voices in the ancient literature we’ve read so far.

At a minimum, you should analyze at least four different characters from multiple works. To supplement your analysis, research perspectives from scholars, historians, or other critics and use those views to supplement or provide counterpoints to your own analysis.

Cite in MLA format and include a Works Cited page and in-text citations. See Canvas for more help with MLA method. The suggested length is 5-6 pages. The essay is due Wednesday, Oct. 2nd at midnight, posted to Canvas.

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