ENG2206 at least 250 words

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To Read: El Saadawi, “In Camera” p. 1003-1014 (Vol. F)Al-Shaykh, “The Women’s Swimming Pool” p. 1077-1083 (Vol. F)

Yan, “The Old Gun” p. 1100-1110 (Vol. F) Thiep, “The General Retires” p. 1118-1133 (Vol. F)

To Complete:Each of the stories this week involves children, whether they are younger, like in Al-Shaykh’s “The Woman’s Swimming Pool,” or in the other stories where we read about adult children. Using at least three specific examples from three of the four stories on the schedule for this week, what do these stories tell us about what we learn or absorb as children or what a parent/child relationship can be like?

Discussion at least 250 words. It needs to find the text yourself and write your own point of view. Please complete at the specified time.