Art101 History and Appreciation of Art I

I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

Let’s say you are a tour guide and are preparing to take a class of college students on an educational trip. Please describe one object or example of architecture that you have learned about in chapters 6, 7, and 8 (Etruscans, Romans, and Late Antiquity) that you would absolutely have to see or visit and why. Does your choice of object or architectural wonder epitomize the era in which it was made? What are its characteristics that make it so important for you to share with your students? Why? What are a few of the elements of this object or architecture that you would discuss? Why?

Please avoid using a museum as a destination but rather choose one building or one object, e.g. Colosseum or the frescoes at the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii.

Be specific in your description of the object/architecture; include dates, material, location, original purpose/use, visual description (maybe including what it looks like today if different than its original appearance, symbolism, meaning, religious references, and overall experience.

In essence, this is a first-person essay on a work of art but I want you to take on the role of the teacher (tour guide) on how and what you would share about this object/building.

Be sure to proofread! This should be about 300 – 500 words.