Art experience

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photographs on the Library of Congress online catalog . Write a brief reflection (at least 1 paragraph) in response to the photos , maybe addressing any of the following:

  • Why you chose it;
  • What attracts you to it;
  • What questions does the image bring up;
  • What would you say to the people in it;
  • Any visceral response you have to it;
  • Et cetera…

Include the photographs in the document. 1 reflection per photo (3 photos, 3 reflections).

Based on your 3 chosen photographs:

  • Further investigate why you were drawn to them. You should understand their original context and content. Do your research!
  • For each photograph, find 3 other images to pair with them:
    Ask yourself how the meaning of the original photograph changes when paired with each new image. What different stories can you tell when you juxtapose a different image? Which story is most compelling? What story do you want to tell???

#2 Read this ARTICLE. Reflect upon our discussion of the myth & cult of the artist, and the new ideas brought forth in this article. A few q’s to consider:

How do/did you think about artists?

Do you agree with the idea of “artistic genius” or the connection (necessity?) between creativity & madness?

Reflect upon some aspect of the article: agreeing, disagreeing or questioning.

critical analysis : Watch this video (maybe multiple times.) Find your chosen art pieces and describe their usage in the video. Discuss the context of the following: overall imagery, lyrics, contrasting imagery, choreography, costume, etc. Go back to the questions from the beginning of the semester (see photo attached) and discuss the video and artworks with analysis & evaluation guiding questions.