Annotated Bibliography

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

the topic naturally needs to be within the scope of including more women in STEAMM.

you will need to define the community issue.

Narrowing the topic is extremely important. Hence, you must give specific responses to the following with regard to the proposed topic

On which of the five areas of STEAMM do you want to focus? going to be about Medicine Field

What is the geographic context of community you are addressing? Middle east and KSA

What is the historic context of the community you plan to research? give an example of it

Write an APA Annotated Bibliography for Essay. the Annotated Bibliography should contain only scholarly sources including at least 2 chapters from different books, 2 journal articles, 1 reference source and 2 academically acceptable websites. Newspapers and magazines are typically not considered scholarly sources and are thus Not allowed. Annotations may be brief (2-3 sentences). APA style is required.

only use academic source no .Org// No .com// Only .edu please follow the instruction!! please